I have been fortunate to have led quite a varied life and have experienced some things that seem to connect with part of me. I have always admired ancient sacred sites, particularly stone circle's and I can remember sitting on the fallen stones at Stonehenge as a young boy. Since then I have visited many circle's and sites around the world ~ this seemed to fuel an interest in crystals - which has grown whilst visiting places as diverse as Hawaii, Japan, Barbados, Hong Kong, Mexico, Thailand as well as Holland, Belgium, Norway, Germany and France in Europe. Now I have fused these interests together in creating wands from crystals, mostly clear,quartz points and wood mostly collected from sacred sites and circle's. The selected wood is gathered from natural stormfall found at various ancient sites. I really feel that the energy at these sites is somehow transferred into a wand made from wood found there. For this reason - I do not use any machines in the creation of wands, all steps of the process are done by hand. This keeps some of the natural element within the wand and combines with the power of crystals to result in a useful, natural - powerful tool that is also ornamental.

僕は今まで、運よくいろいろな経験を通じて来て、それが人生の一部となってきたと思います。 いつも、古代の聖地はいつも気にかけていますが、その中でもストーンサークルは、特筆すべきものです。小さな頃にストーンヘンジの倒れている石の上に座った時のことは、忘れられない思い出です。それから、世界中の様々なストーンサークルを訪れたわけですが、それがクリスタルに興味を持つ大きなきっかけになったと言えます。ハワイ、日本、バルバドス島、香港、メキシコ、タイ、欧州ではオランダ、ベルギー、ノルウェイ、ドイツ、フランスなど様々なところへ行きました。 その結果、今、僕は、聖地やストーンサークルでコレクトしてきた木の枝に、透明なクオーツクリスタルを取り付けた「クリスタルワンド」を作ることにしたのです。木の枝は、さまざまな聖地とその近くに生えている木の枝を、自然に吹いた風が地に落としてくれたたものから厳選して選んでいます。僕には、聖地のエネルギーがワンドにトランスミットされているように感じられます。 だから、クリスタルワンドを作るときには、一切、機械を使わず、すべての工程を手作業で行うことにしているのです。それが、僕の作るワンドの中に自然のエレメントが込められていて、クリスタルの力が本当の自然に発せられる秘密となっています。だから、クリスタルワンドは強力な道具であり、且つ、素敵な飾りにもなるわけです。


By popular request I have posted this short yet comprehensive guide to hopefully, provide help and advice to crystal / crystal wand keepers. The information is probably more focused towards new keepers of crystals / crystal wands who are starting their crystal journey ~ but perhaps long-term keepers may also find it of interest.
If English is not your first language please don't worry ~ the data is written in standard middle English, and all words can be referred to the correct corresponding dictionary.

* N.B.* ~ As a simple yet necessary safety note, please be aware of the power of the light emitted from the Sun and reflected by the Moon ( see below in the section " Charging " ) BEFORE any charging or outdoor ritual is undertaken : --


Crystals are efficient absorbers and transmitters of energy. One of their functions is to cleanse and transmute negative energies. If you leave your crystals to do this without regular ( when possible ) cleansing, most become saturated and unable to do their work, though a few are self-cleansing.
Dedicating and programming your crystals by cleansing, meditating and charging them, keep's them happy and helps them to work more efficiently and effectively. This is part of the ritual of being a crystal / crystal wand keeper and working with crystals.
As crystals are powerful being's in their own right, they function best when looked after properly. If this is done, they will be only too pleased to co-operate with you and makes it possible to attune more strongly to their energies. It will also enable your crystals to talk to you and show you how you can best use them to enhance your life and well being as well as promote a positive, healthy relationship between the crystal / crystal wand and its keeper.


Crystals should be cleansed when you buy them, when they tell you they need cleansing and after wearing or using for healing, ritual or other purposes. Some crystals are self-cleansing. Citrine is one of the more popular and widely available self-cleaning crystals.
Clear Quartz cleanses other crystals and, is especially useful to cleanse delicate, fragile stones like Apopholite and Aragonite -- but may need cleaning themselves afterwards.
A simple way to cleanse fragile or delicate stones like Apopholite and Aragonite is to leave them in a relatively quiet place whilst they are actually touching a Quartz point /Quartz wand overnight. The negative energies from the Apopholite or Aragonite with be naturally drawn to the Quartz point / Quartz wand.
To cleanse crystals - carefully place them in a glass bowl and completley cover the crystals with water, then sprinkle in a small amount of sea or rock salt, the purer the water and salt - the better the results. Water and salt used that is gathered from ancient sacred place's and natural energy point's tend to produce a more concentrated, in-depth cleansing.
Leave overnight and taking care not to cause any damage rinse extremely well with cold running water the following day. Any salt remaining on the crystal may cause damage if left. Gently brush the crystal with a really soft brush when almost dry, making sure no salt is left in difficult area's or corner's.
To cleanse a Quartz point that is part of a wand - gently place the crystal in a narrow glass or champange flute with the Quartz point pointing downwards and the wand shaft facing upwards, making sure it is stable, safe and secure. Carefully fill the glass with water making sure not to fill the glass so that the wooden part of the wand or the leather binding's on the crystal wand are immersed, add a small amount of rock or sea salt and leave overnight in a quiet place. Again, taking care not to cause any damage, thoroughly rinse with water and brush off any remaining salt accordingly the next day.
Whilst the crystals are left overnight - focus and hold the intention that all negativity will be washed away and the crystals re-energised.
Alternatively - gently immerse your crystal or the crystal part of a wand repeatedly in the sea, taking care of your grip on the crystal or wand and the strong waves, the alternating water level and the uneven natural shoreline - if cleansing the Quartz point of a crystal wand this way, please take extra care not to immerse the wooden part of the wand or the leather binding's. It is worth remembering that cleansing crystals this way can be performed at the waters edge, where it may be more practical than in deeper water. Make sure you have the ability to rinse with fresh, clean water and brush excess salt from the crystals soon after exiting the sea.
*-- Considering the hazards connected to cleansing crystals in the sea - it should only be done when time and weather permit's, and also as a special treat for your crystals or crystal wand ( maybe once or twice a year ? ). The safer alternative for crystal cleansing at home is often best.
*-- There are various purpose made cleanser's available commercially but as it is quite simple to make the same thing yourself and, as you can also personally guarantee the naturalness of the ingredients used, this is a more practical, kinder option.


Crystal / crystal wand meditation is one of the easiest ways for you to attune to the crystal energy of your wand.
Meditating with your stones allow's you to get to know your crystals and in the stillness
of meditation the crystals talk to you.
Minimising disturbances, settle yourself comfortably with your crystal or crystal wand. Hold it in both hands or place it on a low table in front of you. Breathe gently, extending your out-breaths,
release any stress or tension you may be feeling. Let peace flow with in-breaths - allowing your breathing to settle into a comfortable, easy rhythm.
With softly focused eyes, look at your crystal or crystal wand. Notice its colour, its shape, its markings and its weight if you are holding it. Feeling its vibrations passing into your hands, allow yourself to wander within the crystal exploring its inner planes.
When you are ready, close your eyes. Quietly contemplate the energies of the crystal wand and let it teach you about itself. . . . . . . .
When you have completed the meditation, open your eyes and gently put the crystal wand aside. Place your feet firmly on the floor. To ground yourself - hold a smokey Quartz crystal until your mindset is once again back to normal or you feel grounded.
Alternatively - hold your crystal wand or place next to or upon you when you go to bed. Being careful not to cause injury or put yourself at any risk with your choice of crystal / crystal wand or choice of position. Please bear this in mind if you may naturally drift off to sleep without considering the position of your crystal or wand. A useful tip is to use and enjoy your crystal wand, and if it is possible- to remember to place the crystal or crystal wand in a safe place, on its altar or stand or under your pillow just before falling asleep.
Try to focus on any information or images you recieve from the crystal during sleep
It is highly likely that you will experience some amazing dreams....the power of crystals is limitless and the depth of detail is fantastically vivid within the realm's of slumber....if you choose this form of crystal meditation. It may be quite overwhelming if it is something you are not used to - please do not allow this to concern you, as you will become more accustomed to your crystal or crystal wand and its energies as time goes by.
Of course, if any sleep disorder's, repeated nightmare's or you just cannot feel comfortable using your wand or crystals this way - please stop immediatley.


Charge the crystals or your crystal wand by placing them directly in the light of the Sun or the Moon. Take care not to over expose a crystal that fades in direct sunlight ( Citrine, Amethyst etc ). Also be aware of the focus of the suns rays where they could start a fire - remember the light from the Sun moves around in an arc as the day progresses.
The apparent risks of charging crystals in sunlight means that crystal charging in moonlight is the preffered option, indeed most crystal charging is done with the Moon - as it is most convienient to leave your stones directly under the moonlight in a safe place all night without the worry of over exposure, but please be careful of curious wildlife !
If you time your crystal wand charging with the lunar cycle - the sabbat or the full Moon will produce the best results, charging within an ancient sacred-site or at a natural energy spot ( for example :- Stonehenge ) concentrates and amplifies the energy and produces the strongest of charges. Please see my Moon phase calander at the bottom of this blog.
I recommend that you develop a simple ritual connected to crystal wand charging that you are most comfortable with, as individual or as private as you so wish. Wear certain clothing - perhaps ceremonial, if you are comfortable invite friends who may be crystal / crystal wand keepers themselves to join with you, plan a special or your favorite meal at that time, recite favorite poems, hymms or songs - again perhaps ceremonial, meditate if you can or if you so wish. This will nurture a special spiritual bond between you and your wand, as well as making your crystal journey a deeper, more satisfying experience.
Of course - this is not compulsory. In this chaotic world it would not be easy to adapt a difficult, complicated crystal wand charging schedule into your lifestyle if your spare time is very limited.
Crystals and crystal wands work equally well for keepers who's time is precious as well as for the keepers who prefer a more rigorous approach. It is basically about knowing what time you have and working with it.


The amount of cleansing / charging required depends on how much the crystal is used.
Normally your crystal wand will tell you when it needs these things, or you should be able to feel naturally that it is time to carry out either of these actions.
I would recommend to cleanse, meditate and charge each of your crystals at least two to four times a year if it is possible. Crystals are very understanding - if a crystal or crystal wand keeper is too busy or misses a charging / cleansing or meditating session....your crystal will understand and forgive you, providing you give the crystal some special treat soon after or when you can.

I hope you find this post informative and useful - please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions regarding the topics discussd in this post or cannot understand any of the subjects covered.
All information concerning cleansing and charging crystals used in any tantric rituals can be obtained from me on request.
Enjoy your journey........